Monday, April 28, 2008

Gold farming is irritating

I am getting really annoyed with trying to farm gold for my epic mounts. Yes "mounts" I need 2, one for each toon.

No matter how hard I try I get bored after a while and lose interest in the farming of gold.
I will be fine for about a week, then of course the raids come into play and why would I not want to go?.... hrmmm..??? Of course I am going to go. I get that chance at epic loot, badges, and above all fun.... so yeah no more bored of farming, until the reality kicks in that I still need some gold and at this point I just want to say forget it, I can live without the epic ride.... yeah right who am I kidding..

So yeah Gold is great to have but crappy to obtain.
How do some of you guys make some decent money farming???


Maebius said...

I am still a few levels from 70 on my main (only play 5-8 hours a week, usually weekends, and have a severe case of alt-itis), however, I've noticed that running 5-man instances is a really reliable way to keep my own coffers filled. Much more entertaining than solo-grinding mobs, if you can find a friend or guildmate to run even things like Hellfire Ramparts. The silver adds up, the fights are not that difficult(especially for a raiding 70!) and you get a few greens and blues at the end to either disenchant or sell. It's the fastest way that I know to make steady amounts of gold, if I enend a quick pickup to offset skill money or auction buyouts. I've heard dailies are great for you end-gamers, but perhaps quick instances will help. May not result in quite the same amount of gold, but don't discount the refreshing mental effect that change from grinding-technique has on your willpower to play. :)

Best of luck!

Sev said...

Thanks for the info,

I agree you can make some decent money, however when you get to the point of repair bills its a big ouch, I am paying 35g to repair armor if its down to 15%, can you imagine what it would be at 0%? double ouch. I have been doing my dailies which yeilds me 200-300g a night which isn't bad at all however, to get to 12k in gold is a long haul for dailies.

Gibbiex said...

Well, you don't expect two epic mounts overnight right? It took me 2-3 months to scrape up enough gold for my epic mount. At the time, there was the skettis and ogri'la dailies. I did those every single day. Every day. That was 100g/day right there. Now if you want you could do the SSO dailies too, or alternate days SSO vs ogrila/skettis. Do this every single day.

Do you craft? Make stuff that's purple and sell it on AH (or trade), you should get some sort of profit, 100g is more or less typical.

Do you gather? Then gather. After dailies (and of course during). Those are the most efficient for time. Head to netherstorm and SMV and get the herbs. Or do mining runs.

Instances...if you can enchant and are 70 already, then maybe the old end-game instances are worth it. I know the dust/shards from 55-60 gear is really expensive, and enchanters need a ton of that dust to get through the last part prior to 300 (but you probably know that). I tried a few 40s instances, my druid was 63. I couldn't do it alone, and it wasn't an efficient use of time (2 hours plus repairs for 20-30g of stuff). You are better off doing your leveling quests that reward 2-3g each plus the ocassional green.

Lastly there is the traditional farming, slaughter mobs for greens/patterns. I would do this if you want a specific BOP pattern that drops off specific mobs. Ie the fel mana pot pat that drops of the BEs in SMV. Or there is always the elemental farming. This, I found, was not terribly efficient and extremely boring. I think i could make 50g per hour doing this.

Gibbiex said...

More here:

Sev said...

i do engineering and mining, I tried the ore farming, however when I do that usually 8-10 times I get close enough to one or even fighting a trash mob that is in front of one another lvl 70 on an epic will swoop in and leaves nothing behind except dirt and cobble. lol

Engineering takes alot of matts to make and sell stuff which I have done just takes a long time. I don't expect an epic over night at all, was just curious how people were getting money for more then one epic, thats all.